R&D – ORS®



  • Development of mechanical components
  • product developments
  • functional issues to resolve
  • process improvement and tracking


InS supports projects on the basis of industrial pragmatism that incorporates four fundamental values:

  • The technical environment (specifications)
  • Health, Safety and Environmental concerns
  • Economic environment
  • The customer’s industrialisation capacity

At InS we draw up our offers on the basis of the customer’s data following an initial interview to review the specifications of the project.

For very long-running projects or where several projects are handled at once, or particularly in cases where the customer indicates they have a variety of recurring problems, InS offers an original concept:

“Open Research Service”

The principle is simple:

  • An estimate of the workload and timing is devised with the customer
  • A team comprising all the necessary specialists is assigned
  • The amount of time to be spent by the team is drawn up according to the time worked and the quality of that work
  • A monthly package offer is produced
  • A quarterly review by the Customer/InS steering committee is conducted to assess the suitability of the resources allocated and the development dynamic
  • Any necessary adjustment is made

This offer carries indisputable benefits that are unique in the market of scientific services:

  • Access to all the laboratory’s resources in a single package (excluding external services)
  • Budget visibility: no surprises!
  • Flexibility with budgetary choices: after each review the project is accelerated or slowed down
  • A commitment based on trust: the project may be stopped at any time, with the work provided remaining due
  • Cohesion and useful pooling between customer teams and InS teams
  • Construction and capitalisation of proprietary know-how of the customer
  • The solidity of the project approach with multi-project scheduling and related development logical diagram