InS develops our concepts to offer them to manufacturers in a way that ensures clarity in terms of the type of services and anticipated results.

The objectives are:

  • Easy identification of the proposed work
  • A clear pricing policy
  • Simplified budgeting for customers

The following services are offered:

  • Bespoke analyses and tests: Split into work modules so that you can get a customised services.
  • Special research project: Specific Development Service SDS®. Support on projects involving complex development subjects.
  • Analyses and tests package: “Open Lab Service” OLS® gives customers freedom to choose a set monthly budget.
  • Multi-project research package: “Open Research Service” ORS® enables the management of several comprehensive tasks by a single team equipped with a set monthly budget.
  • Comparative material sources and products studies, comparative performance on the market: Benchmarking Service BMS®.
  • Optimise problem resolution: Trouble Shooting Service TSS®.
  • Critical deformulation of products and materials: Reverse Engineering Service RES®.

INS does project-based work!

For complex projects the constructive process is automatically communicated to the customer who thus enjoys constant visibility of the steps taken.

InS qualifies for Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR, French Research Tax Credit), enabling customers to benefit from substantial budget savings.